Acrylic Mosaic

Kategoriebild-Acryl-GlasAcrylic Mosaic is made out of transparent plastic. Lots of different patterns can be created thanks to a wide range of shapes. Besides squares and rectangles of different sizes, there are also circles, triangles and irregular shapes.

    acrylic mosaic U10 crystal
  • acrylic mosaic U29 blue mix
  • Features
    • made out of transparent and coloured plastic
    • mix of a lot of different shapes
    • material thickness approx. 2 mm
    • for indoor and outdoor use
    • not suitable for floor ground
    • approx. 1.8 kg each square meter
    • available in 10 single colours and 5 colours mixes
    • very suitable for backlit mosaics such as tea lights e.g.
    • because of lots of different shapes, stones don´t have to be cut/broken
    • very popular for handicrafts with children or for school projects

  • Available packing units Acrylic Mosaic / Luzy
    • a - 40 g approx. 180 tesserae (surface about 15x15 cm)
    • b - 100 g approx. 440 tesserae (surface about 24x24 cm)
    • c - 1 kg approx. 4.400 tesserae (surface about 76x76 cm)