Byzantic MosaiC

Kategoriebild-ByzanticByzantic mosaic is suitable for professional mosaic artwork, as well as for simple handicrafts. Not only children will like this particularity of these tesserae : You don´t need any pliers to cut those tesserae! Byzantic mosaic can be cut with ordinary scissors. By using force scissors [H0177] it is even easier. Another particularity of Byzantic mosaic is the structure of its surface and the intentional irregularities in size. Thus, each tessera is unique and gives a more natural effect to the mosaic. Byzantic mosaic is available in the sizes 10x10 mm and 20x20 mm. Tesserae have a thickness of about 4 mm. Byzantic mosaic is also suitable for outdoor use, if it is protected from humidity during frost season.

    Byzantic Mosaic BY10 white
  • Byzantic Mosaic BY49 terra mix
  • Features
    • Cement-based casting ceramics
    • Available in the sizes about 10x10 mm and about 20x20 mm
    • Material thickness approx. 4-5 mm
    • Resistant to frost conditionally
    • For indoor use and conditionally for outdoor use
    • Suitable for floor ground
    • Approx. 6.5 kg each square meter
    • Available in 12 colours and 2 colour mixes
    • Byzantic mosaic has intentional irregularities in size
    • Can be cut with scissors
    • Is very suitable for handicrafts with children or for school projects
    • Is suitable as construction kit
  • Available packing units of Byzantic Mosaic 10x10 mm
    • b - 200 g approx. 250 tesserae (surface about 18x18 cm)
    • c - 1 kg approx. 1.250 tesserae (surface about 40x40 cm)

    Available packing units of Byzantic Mosaic 20x20 mm
    • b - 200 g approx. 64 tesserae (surface about 18x18 cm)
    • c - 1 kg approx. 320 tesserae (surface about 40x40 cm)