Crash Glass

Kategorie-Crash-GlasFeel the wonderful fusion of the character of our Safety Glass with the features of Soft Glass. Crash Glass is made out of pre-broken glass but each tile is unique. Crash Glass offers a completely new mosaic character. It gets the typical characteristics of broken glass but has soft and rounded edges. Crash Glass can be worked with the best effect of a mosaic work without to be cut and to be split.

    Crash Glass CR10-99 white
  • Crash Glass CR19-99 grey mix (10, 11, 13)
  • Features
    • irregular tiles with an edge length of approx. 1-3 cm
    • material thickness approx. 4 mm
    • hardwearing, scratch and frost resistant
    • resistant to acid and alkaline attacks
    • for indoor and outdoor use
    • as floor ground of limited suitability
    • approx. 6.0 kg each square meter
    • Crash Glass is the combination of the character of our Safety Glass with the features of the Soft Glass
    • it offers a broken character with rounded edges
    • 17 single colours and 5 colour mixes are available
    • the colour palette is based on our Soft Glass range and both glasses can be wonderfully combined
  • Available packing units Crash Glass
    • a - 125 g approx. 50 tesserae (surface about 14x14 cm)
    • e - 200 g approx. 80 tesserae (surface about 18x18 cm)
    • b - 500 g approx. 190 tesserae (surface about 28x28 cm)