Emotion Glass

Kategoriebild-EmotionOne stone says more than thousand words - thus say it with EMOTION glass.

EMOTION glass is available in many shapes and motives. You just have to pull the selected motive sticker and to stick it on the transparent Soft glass piece. And by now the EMOTION stone can spread your message!

    Emotion Glass E010107 Letters d=15 multicolour; 15 pieces
  • Features
    • consists of transparent Soft Glass in different sizes with various motive stickers
    • material thickness approx. 4-4.5 mm
    • hardwearing, resistant to scratch, frost, acid and alkaline attacks
    • for indoor and outdoor use
    • as floor ground of limited suitability
    • approximately 6.5kg each square meter
    • besides decorative motives, letters, signs of astrology, as well as congratulations motives are available
    • they can also be sticked separately on greeting cards or on gifts
  • Available packing units Emotion Glass
    • E010107 Letters d=15 multicolour; 15 pieces
    • E020103 Congratulations 40x40; 4 pieces
    • E030101 Zodiac signs 15x15; 20 pieces
    • E040101 Baroque 15x15; 20 pieces
    • E040105 Baroque 47x15; 10 pieces
    • E040106 Baroque triangles 30x30; 8 pieces
    • E040107 Baroque d=15; 15 pieces
    • E050102 Harlequin 30x30; 6 pieces
    • E050105 Harlequin 47x15; 10 pieces
    • E050107 Harlequin d=15; 15 pieces