Flip Ceramic

Kategoriebild-FlipThanks to an innovative production technique, the new Flip ceramics consists of a glazed porcelain and is absolutely resistant to frost. By now, the character of each tessera corresponds more to a broken material. Besides the already known colours, the series is completed by a silver-mirrored, a golden-mirrored, as well as a rainbow-coloured and shimmering colour.

    Flip Ceramic F10 polar white
  • Flip Ceramic F19 grey mix
  • Features
    • Irregular broken pieces
    • Edge length approx. 2-6 cm
    • Material thickness approx. 6,5 mm
    • Hardwearing, resistant to scratches and to frost,
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • suitable for floor ground
    • Approx. 11,5 kg each square meter
    • Available in 20 single colours and 6 colour mixes
    • Besides already known colours, Flip-Deluxe colours silver, gold and rainbow are also available
    • The new Flip series consists of porcelain and is absolutely resistant to frost!
    • Thanks to the new shapes, the broken character is more accentuated!
  • Available packing units of Flip Ceramic
    • b - 750 g approx. 65 tesserae (surface about 25x25 cm)
    • c - 3 kg approx. 260 tesserae (surface about 50x50 cm)