Kategoriebild-SchmuckIn combination with our Liliput mosaic, create a personal and unique piece thanks to our jewellery. Tesserae are just applied with a few of all-purpose glue H0069 and are not grouted. For the cross H0100 you need 11 tesserae of the size 5x5 mm and for the cross H0101 28 tesserae of the size 3x3 mm. For the leather bracelet, 78 tesserae of the size 5x5 mm or 220 tesserae of the size 3x3 mm are needed.

    jewellery H0100 Cross-trinket 42x27mm
  • H0100 / H0101 Cross-trinkets

    Our crosses are nickel-free and get already a eyelet

    H0110 Suede necklace

    The fastener is nickel-free, the necklace length is about 45 cm, the cross section is about 3x1.5 mm

    H0111 Leather bracelet

    The interior surface is 130x15mm, the diameter can easily be adapted by means of the leather strap

    All jewellery supports are individually packed