novedad 2018

We are pleased to inform you about our novelties 2018, which are immediately available.

Eis Glas

Ice Glass consists of stained glass. It is frost-resistant and usable on both sides.

What is special about this series is the varying visual appearance, because one side is also iridescent!

Thanks to the gently curved surface, it is especially vivid and a perfect match for other stones. Apart from opaque stones, our programme is also complemented by transparent stones.




We present to you the inventive mosaic assistant StickyStick. An easy to use and very handy tool to help you to pick up small mosaic tesserae with great ease. It also avoids getting glue all over your fingers!Pieces can be uneven. The StickyStick will grab almost all pieces with great ease. It works best at room temperature. In case the mosaic tesserae does not stay on the StickyStick, just reform the tip and it will work as new!
It is important, that the pieces are dust and oil free. Avoid putting the StickyStick in direct sunlight or near heat sources!


Here's a short video about the StickStick in action!