You want to see your mosaic glow in the dark as well? Thanks to our new glow-in-the-dark glass mosaic tiles, this is no longer a problem.

The new series Flip MINI with an edge length of approx. 5 - 15 mm is 4 mm thick and can be wonderfully combined with our Joy glass, Murano, Ceraton, Soft glass, as well as 4mm marble. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the new flip ceramic is made of glazed ceramic and is frost resistant with the appropriate substrate treatment. The character of each stone is now much more like broken material. Due to the thick glaze, the edges have got great light reflections, which show particularly to advantage at our new MINI series.

Who do not know these mirror balls with their hundreds of mirror mosaic tiles, which were found in every disco of the 70ies and 80ies? But mirror mosaic cannot be reduced just to disco balls. Mirror can be used for a lot of mosaic works.

Besides silver mirrors, coloured mirror tiles enlarge the application field. Mirror mosaic has a thickness of about 3 mm.

Antique marble 8mm originates from quarries form all over the world. Bianco Carrara, Bottocino, Rosso Verona, Travertin Noce, Giallo Reale and Nero Marquina are classical Italian Marble. They were already used in the antiquity for sumptuous mosaic artwork that outlived the centuries. Other marble originates from Spain, Turkey, India and China. Antique marble with a thickness of 8 mm is available in various sizes and forms.

Stainless steel tesserae (10x10 mm and 15x15 mm) can well be combined with marble 8 mm.

Tiffany glass is available in the sizes 10x10 mm, 15x15 mm and 15x20 cm. Besides the 15 opaque colours - not transparent glass colours - the range offers seven highly transparent glasses. Tiffany glass is usable on both sides. One side is smooth, the other one gets a slight structure as you can see very well e.g. on T028 ice blue or T059 brown.

Tiffany glass is suitable for indoor and outdoor mosaics. In spite of latest technology, the pigmentation of glass melt still requires many years of experience. Colour variations are proof of an individual product.

Antique marble with a thickness of 4 mm is available in the sizes 10x10 mm, 15x15 mm and 20x20 mm. By its thinness it is suitable for decorative mosaic objects, mosaic bordures and mosaic ornaments for bathrooms and spas.

Antique marble can perfectly be combined with other 4mm tesserae as such as Ceraton® and glass.

Gold tessera consists of genuine 24 carats gold leaf, which is applied on a glass base. It is used for restorations, sacral mosaics but also for mosaic bordures and ornaments in spas. Even used sparingly, golden mosaic gives a touch of royal luxury to every mosaic.

Golden mosaic is sold by the piece. The mosaic tiles are 20x20mm and have a thickness of about 4mm. It can easily be cut by means of mosaic pliers [H0083].

In combination with our Liliput mosaic, create a personal and unique piece thanks to our jewellery. Tesserae are just applied with a few of all-purpose glue H0069 and are not grouted. For the cross H0100 you need 11 tesserae of the size 5x5 mm and for the cross H0101 28 tesserae of the size 3x3 mm. For the leather bracelet, 78 tesserae of the size 5x5 mm or 220 tesserae of the size 3x3 mm are needed.

Joy glass is made of coloured glass and is available in the sizes 10x10x4mm and 20x20x4mm. Joy glass is resistant to colour fading, frost, abrasion, acid and alkaline attacks, as well as temperature variations. Besides the standard colours, it is also available in six colour mixes.

The Joy glass range is completed by Joy Deluxe with its marbled, shiny gold and copper inclusions. Joy Deluxe is only available in the size 20x20x4mm. Four colour mixes are available.

Mosaics made out of genuine mother of pearl tesserae impress by their natural beauty and the iridescent gloss. Mother of pearl is gained from the Asian Macabebe river mussel. Since mother of pearl is a natural product, every piece is unique and different from the other one.

Following sizes are available: 5x5, 10x10, 15x15 und 12x25mm, as well as circles with a diameter of d=10 and d=15mm. Additionally, irregular shapes are also available. Mother of pearl has a thickness of about 1mm.

You don´t have any idea to create a mosaic? Herewith you will find different construction kits which contain everything you need to make your first mosaic object. Besides a large choice of tesserae, supports, glues and joint compounds, many mosaic artworks are also available. And the best - as our construction kits contain Byzantic series, you don´t need a special tool to realize your first mosaic with success! Just standard scissors are necessary to cut the stones.

When you just look for a motive, our mosaic artworks or templates will be a good help. These contain an artwork in original size, on which the colours, the sizes and the positions of each tessera are exactly traced. But you can choose other colours and tesserae as the ones proposed.

Since neither the screen nor the catalogues can not exactly reproduce the colours and the brilliance or our tesserae, we would like to recommend our sample boards to you. There are available for all kinds of tesserae and contain all colours and shapes of original stones.

Nuggets are made out of coloured glass. Nuggets are glass taws which are flattened on the back; they are available with a diameter of approx. 10-12 mm and with a diameter of approx. 15-20 mm. All Nuggets (except N38 and N39) are transparent and therefore suitable for lamps, tea lights and storm lamps.

Hearts and stars are often used for decoration, as well.

From the universal standard mosaic pliers to the classical mosaic hammer and splitting wedge. You will find here many tools which you need for the creation of your mosaic works.

Acrylic Mosaic is made out of transparent plastic. Lots of different patterns can be created thanks to a wide range of shapes. Besides squares and rectangles of different sizes, there are also circles, triangles and irregular shapes.

Attention - Not all glues are the same. According to the support, the kind of tesserae and of course to the application use, you need the convenient glue. You will find here a large choice of all purpose glues for the standard mosaic works till the permanently elastic mosaic special glues for more difficult supports or surfaces.

Our joint compounds are especially suitable for thin joints which are usual in the mosaic world.

Safety Glass is a security glass which splits into a lot of small pieces when being broken. This is the intented effect for the mosaic user. The dimensions of the glass panels are 150x200 mm and have a thickness of approx. 3 mm. Besides single colours, mirror colours, colour mixes, as well as some new colours enrich the range.

You have ideas!

You also have tesserae, glues!

Is just the convenient mosaic support now missing? Then have a look on this page. We are sure that you will find the the convenient support for your mosaic!

Feel the wonderful fusion of the character of our Safety Glass with the features of Soft Glass. Crash Glass is made out of pre-broken glass but each tile is unique. Crash Glass offers a completely new mosaic character. It gets the typical characteristics of broken glass but has soft and rounded edges. Crash Glass can be worked with the best effect of a mosaic work without to be cut and to be split.

Tiles in stoneware quality are resistant to frost and therefore suitable for outdoor use. The dimensions of the tiles are 19.7x19.7cm with a thickness of 6.5mm.

They are individually shrink-wrapped. In order to obtain fragments, break the welded tile with a hammer. To get symmetric mosaic pieces, score the tile and then cut it with the breaking pliers for tiles [H0175]. The tile can also be scored by using a glass cutter [H0171/H0172].

In order to avoid sharp edges, edges should be grinded with a grindstone [H0024].

Soft Glass is backside coloured glass. It differs from other glass tesserae because of its rounded edges and corners. Soft Glass is available in the sizes 10x10mm, 20x20mm and polygonal (irregular).

The tesserae are all 4mm thick. Besides the standard colours, there are six attractive coulour mixes. The range is completed by 10x10mm tesserae with glittering effect. The range of Soft Glass Glitter contains five attractive colours and one colour mix.

We present an absolutely new type of extra thin mosaic tile in the size of 10x10 cm, produced exclusively for Mosaikstein GmbH!  While normal tiles feature a thickness of 6-8 mm, our innovative, high-quality mosaic tile comes in a thickness of 4 mm.  Thus, it is far easier to combine it with other materials of the same thickness, such as Soft Glass, Joy Glass, Murano Glass or Ceraton.

The name Millefiori reflects the particularity of these tesserae out of glass : That is the Italian word for "thousand flowers". The round and flat tesserae fascinate thanks to their different motifs and nice colours. At the beginning of the creations, there are the glass rods, which become a lot of colour structures thanks to a complicated process. From the rods which are cut by hand result tesserae with fancy and detailed motifs. The upper surface, broken by hand confers each tesserae an intense shine, which accentuates the colours.
Ours Millefiori are high-quality and conserve for a long time their luminosity. The small tesserae in the corresponding colours are particularly convenient for bringing variety in your mosaic works. They give a noticeable accent to the decoration objects or decorations of mirrors or similar. Due to the small size, they are also very convenient for jewellery and fusing works.

Byzantic mosaic is suitable for professional mosaic artwork, as well as for simple handicrafts. Not only children will like this particularity of these tesserae : You don´t need any pliers to cut those tesserae! Byzantic mosaic can be cut with ordinary scissors. By using force scissors [H0177]

it is even easier. Another particularity of Byzantic mosaic is the structure of its surface and the intentional irregularities in size. Thus, each tessera is unique and gives a more natural effect to the mosaic. Byzantic mosaic is available in the size of 10x10 mm. Tesserae have a thickness of about 4 mm.

Byzantic mosaic is also suitable for outdoor use, if it is protected from humidity during frost season.

There are many kinds of glasses. Only most modern methods of production combined with the experience of centuries of handcraft tradition guarantee the unique quality of Murano Glass mosaic. Murano Glass is resistant to frost and colours are resistant to fading. It is available in the size 20x20x4mm. Murano Glass is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and floor mosaics, as well as for decoration use.

Ceraton is coloured and fired ceramics and belongs to stoneware. The size is 20x20mm and the thickness is approximately 4mm.

It is frost resistant and therefore suitable for indoor, as well as for outdoor use. Ceraton® can be easily cut by mosaic pliers [H0002 or H0057]. Besides standard colours, different colour mixes are available.

Fantasy Mosaic is made of colored glass with rich colours, it has soft edges and, thanks to the smooth backside, it is easy to process. It can be cut with our mosaic pliers without splitters or even with a hammer and chisel.

Of course it is frost resistant and can be wonderfully combined with other materials such as Soft glass, Ceraton® or Joy glass.

Fantasy Mosaic is available in the sizes 10x10mm and 20x20mm with a thickness of 4mm. In addition, round Fantasy stones with 12mm diameter are on offer.

Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, the new flip ceramic is made of glazed ceramic and is frost resistant with the appropriate substrate treatment. The character of each stone is now much more like broken material.

Besides the already known colours, the series is completed by a silver-mirrored, a golden-mirrored, as well as a rainbow-coloured and shimmering colour.

Ice Glass consists of stained glass. It is frost-resistant and usable on both sides.

What is special about this series is the varying visual appearance, because one side is also iridescent!

Thanks to the gently curved surface, it is especially vivid and a perfect match for other stones. Apart from opaque stones, our programme is also complemented by transparent stones!